Small Ruminant Breeder Farm Accreditation Program (SRBFAP)

Frontline Service  Small Ruminant Breeder Farm Accreditation Program (SRBFAP)   
Clients :  Small Ruminant Farms producing purebreds  and crossbreds   
Requirements:  1.  Duly accomplished  application form   
         2.  Business permit  to operate   
3.  Registration on Animal Welfare pursuant to DILG Memorandum 2005-01   
4.  Certified true copy of  Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws  and  SEC Certificate of Registration  ( if  farm is owned/operated    by cooperative or corporation)   
5. Pedigree, production performance, breeding and health record (for farms producing purebreds)   
Schedule of Availability of Service :  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm   
Fees :  Application Fee   - P500.00   
     Initial Accreditation  Fee – P10,000.00   
Renewal Fee -  5,000.00  (every  3 years)   
Total Processing Time:   30 days  (including  waiting time)   
How to Avail of the Service:       
 1  Get application  form  Issue application  form  LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg.  5 minutes
 2  Fill out  information  form  Receive  filled-out application form and documents  LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg.  5 minutes
 3  Submit filled-out application form and required documents  Review and evaluate documents / If documents are not complete, return to applicant  LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg.  20 minutes
 4  Bring to the accounting Section the order slip and get the order of payment  Issue Oder of payment  Accounting Section  RD Bldg., G/F  15 minutes
 5  Proceed to the Cashier’s Office and pay application fee  Receive payment and issue Official Receipt  Cashier Office  RD Bldg., G/F  15 minutes
 6  Submit proof of payment  Record application and Official Receipt and Schedule farm inspection  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  20 minutes
 7  Wait for the farm inspection  Prepare travel documents  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  3 days
 8    Conduct ocular farm inspection  and evaluation  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  3-5 days
 9    Prepare inspection report  RTWG Inspection Team  -do-  2 hours
 10    Schedule farm inspection  LDD-FARS  -do- 5-10 days after the inspection
 11    Evaluate inspection report prepared  RTWG  -do-  2-4 hours
 12    Prepare endorsement letter from TWG & Certificate of Accreditation for the Director’s approval  LDD-FARS and OD  LDD Bldg. and OD Bldg.  1 day
 13  Follow up after 15 days  Inform the clients of the result of the evaluation and advice payment of accreditation fee  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  15 minutes
 14  Apply for payment  Issue Order Slip for the accreditation fee  LDD  -do- 10 minutes
 15 Receive order slip & proceed to Accounting   Issue order of payment  Accounting  RD G/F  15 minutes
 16  Pay accreditation fee  Receive payment & issue official receipt  Cashier  RD G/F  15 minutes
 17 Submit proof of payments Record the O.R & Issue Certificate of Accreditation LDD LDD Bldg. 10 minutes
 18   Prepare Order Slip for accreditation fee -do- -do- 2 minutes
 19 Proceed to Accounting Section Issue Order of payment Accounting Section RD/GF 15 minutes
 20 Receive Order of Payment then proceed to Cashier’s Office for payment Receive payment for the accreditation and issue Official Receipt Cashier RD/GF 15 minutes
 21 Submit proof of payments Record Official Receipt LDD- National Secretariat of SRBFAP LDD Bldg. 10 minutes
 22 Receive Certificate of Accreditation Release approved certificate of Registration -do- LDD Bldg. 5 minutes
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