Initial Registration of Veterinary Biological Product Establishment

Frontline Service Initial Registration of Veterinary Biological Product Establishment
Clients: Veterinary Biological Products Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor, Retailer/Outlets
Requirements: 1.       Application Letter addressed to the Director
  2.       Properly Filled-up VBSS Form No. 2
3.       Required Documents as stated in VBSS Form No. 2
4.       On-site inspection
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fees: Manufacturer/Producer -  P 6,000.00/year
  Importer/Distributor       -  P 2,400.00/year
Retailer/Outlets                 -  P 250.00/ year
Total/Maximum Duration of Process: 13 days ( if no complaint)
How to Avail of the Service:  
1 Submit application for registration of Veterinary Biological Product Establishment Receive and record documents submitted Office of the Director Staff BAI Cmpd (Day 1)
Issue instruction from the Director 1 day
Forward documents to Laboratory Services Division (LSD)
2   Receive and issue instruction from the LSD Chief Office of the LSD Chief Staff VVPL Cmpd (Day 2 )
Forward documents to VBSS 2 hours
3   Receive and record documents submitted VBSS Receiving Staff VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd. 1 hour
Issue instruction from the Section Head
Forward documents to LRU
4   Receive, evaluate and review documents for compliance LRU, VBSS VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd. (Day 2-3)
Forward documents to Section Head 2 days
5   Final review of the document Section Head, VBSS VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd. (Day 4-5)
Schedule date of inspection 2 days
6  Communicate with VBSS regarding the conduct of inspection  Advice client that inspection will be conducted within 6 working days  LRU, VBSS VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd.  (Day 6) 10 mins.
 Allow the conduct of audit inspection and assist the inspection team   Inspect office, laboratory  and cold storage facility and check documents for compliance   VBSS Inspection Team   VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd.   (Day 6-12)
 2-3 hours (excluding travel time)
 * If non-compliant, submit or show compliance   Prepare  the Certificate of Establishment Registration           LRU, VBSS   VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd.   (Day 12)
 Wait for the submission of  compliance 20 mins
9    Affix initial signature  VBSS Section Head  VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd.  5 mins.
10    Recommending approval  LSD Chief  VVPL cmpd  1 hour
    Receive and record the document  OD Staff  BAI Cmpd  (Day 12)
 Approval of the Certificate of Establishment Registration  BAI Director  BAI Cmpd  1 day
12    Receive, record and dry seal the Certificate  Records Section  3rd floor Research Bldg  (Day 13)
Forward the document to LRU, VBSS 1 hour
13 Get the Bill of Statement Issue Bill of Statement LRU, VBSS VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd. 10 mins.
14 Get the Order of Payment Issue Order o f Payment Accounting Section G/F Research Bldg 5 mins
15 Pay fee and receive Official Receipt (OR) of Payment Receive payment (cash or check) and issue OR Cashier Unit Ground Floor, Research Bldg 10 mins
16 Present the OR and receive the Certificate of Registration Record the OR # and issue the Certificate LRU, VBSS VBSS Bldg., BAI cmpd. (Day13)
File the duplicate copy of  Certificate of Establishment Registration and other attached documents 30 mins
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