Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation for Pigeon Associations and Poultry Farms for Local Shipment

Frontline Service  Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation for Pigeon Associations and Poultry Farms for Local Shipment   
Clients:  Heads of pigeon associations and owners of poultry farms   
Requirements:  Request letter   
Schedule of Availability of Service:  Monday to Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm   
Fees:  P 100.00   
Total/Maximum Duration of Process:  Two weeks (if cleared by inspection)   
How to Avail of the Service:      
 1  Submission of request letter  Receiving of request letter  Ms. Marivic L. de Chavez  Office of the Director (OD)  (BAI  compd)  2 minutes
 2    Review of request letter and notation to the AHD Chief for appropriate action  Dr. Rubina O. Cresencio (BAI Director)  OD  1 day*
 3    Forwarded to the AHD  Ms. de Chavez  OD  5 minutes
 4    Receipt/recording of request letter and submission to the AHD Chief  Ms. Rowena A. Cayeta  Animal Health Division (AHD)  (BAI compd)  3 minutes
 5    Review of request letter and endorsement for action to the Head, Veterinary Quarantine and Inspection Section  Dr. Samuel B. Animas (AHD Chief)  AHD  1 day*
 6    Contacting of client for scheduling of farm inspection (NOTE:  Inspection is usually scheduled on the following week from the time the client was contacted.)  Dr. Arlene V. Vytiaco  (Head, Veterinary Quarantine and Inspection Section-AHD)  AHD  5 minutes
 7    Farm inspection and blood sample collection  Dr. Vytiaco  AHD  4 hours
 8    Preparation of the samples and submission to the Philippine Animal Health Center (PAHC) – Virology laboratory  Dr. Vytiaco  AHD  3 hours
 9    bai of samples and sending out of lab results to the AHD  Dr. Edna A. Felipe / Ms. Maxima R. Lapuz  Phil. Animal Health Center (BAI compd)  3 days
 10    Receiving and evaluation of lab results  Dr. Vytiaco  AHD  30 minutes
 11    If findings of inspection okay (e.g., good vaccination titers, negative test results)  – Informing the client by phone or the client calls the AHD to follow-up  Dr. Vytiaco 
 AHD   20 minutes  
 12    If findings of inspection not okay            
 13    For pigeons: Discussions with the client by phone for them to check on vaccination practices and to do remedial measures; blood sample collection to be done again until cleared
 14    Preparation of the Certificate of Accreditation      
 15    Signing of the Certificate by the AHD Chief and forwarding this to the OD  Dr. Animas  AHD  2 minutes*
 16    Endorsement (initials) to the BAI Director by the Assistant Director  Dr. Victor C. Atienza  OD  2 minutes*
 17    Signing of the Certificate and sending back to the AHD for release  Director Catbagan  OD  2 minutes*
 18  Getting the order of payment  Issuance of order of payment  Ms. Cayeta  AHD  5 minutes
 19  Submission of the order of payment and obtaining the payment slip  Issuance of payment slip  Ms. Sylvia C. Tamunday  Accounting (Research Division building – ground floor left wing, BAI)  10 minutes
 20  Submission of the payment slip and payment of the accreditation fee  Issuance of Official Receipt (OR)  Ms. Josephine N. Sandoval/ Mr. Noel C. Tamunday  Cashier (Research Division building –ground floor right wing, BAI) 10 minutes
 21  Presentation of the OR and getting the Certificate of Accreditation  Recording and photocopying of the OR Releasing of the Certificate of Accreditation to the client  Dr. Vytiaco/ Ms. Yalung  AHD  5 minutes
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