Issuance Feed/Veterinary Drugs and Products (VDAP) Commodity Clearance/Certificate of Free Sales

Frontline Services  Issuance Feed/Veterinary Drugs and Products (VDAP) Commodity Clearance/Certificate of Free Sales 
Clients:  Exporter   
Requirements:  Request Letter/Proforma Invoice/Valid License To Operate (LTO) and Certificate of Product Registration (CPR)   
Schedule of Availability of Service:  Monday to Friday  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM   
Fees:  Commodity Clearance: None   
   Certificate of Free Sale: P25.00/Certificate   
Total/Maximum Duration of Process:  5 Working Days   
How to Avail of the Service:      
 Step No.  Client Step  Agency Action Office/Person Responsible  Location of Office  Duration of Activity 
 1  Submit application for CFS/Commodity Clearance together with the requirements  Receive Application and forward to AFSD  Office of the Director Staff  Office of the Director

Day 1

10 mins.

 2  Get Statement of Billing  Issue Billing Statement  Office of the Director Staff  Office of the Director  10 mins.
 3  Get Order of Payment  Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section  Research Bdlg.  5 mins.
 4  Pay fee  Issue Official Receipt  Cashier  Research Bdlg.  5 mins.
 5    Receive application  AFSD - Receiving Officer  AFSD Bdlg.

Day 2

15 mins.

 6    Forward Application to  AFRES or VDAPRLS for evaluation of the documents submitted  AFSD - Receiving Officer  -do-  10 mins.

 Application is returned return to client if not compliant to the requirements for CFS/Commodity Clearance

 AFRES/VDAPRLS Technical Staff -do-  10 mins.
 8    If application complies to the requirements, proceed to the processing of CFS & Commodity Clearance  AFRES/VDAPRLS Technical Staff -do-  5 mins.
 9    Typing of the Certificate  AFSD - Encoder  -do-  15 mins.
 10    Section Chief and AFSD Chief affixes signature for recommendation  AFRES/VDAPRLS Section Chief, AFSD Division Chief  -do-

Day 3 

15 mins.

 11    Processed certificates of CFS/ CC forwarded to the BAI Director for Approval  BAI Director  Office of the Director  

Day 4

30 mins.
 12  Approved Certificate/Commodity Clearance  Approved Certificates of CFS/CC are sent to BAI Records for Official Record/Seal. Approved CFS/Commodity Clearance are released upon presentation of the official receipt  BAI Records Officer  3rd Floor Records Office Research Bldg.,  15 mins.
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