Issuance of Brand Name Clearance

Frontline Services Issuance of Brand Name Clearance     
Clients: All Feed/VDAP Manufacturers/Traders/Importers    
Requirements:  Product Description/Technical Dossier (Imported Products)   
Schedule of Availability of Service:  Evaluation of Applications (Monday to Friday)  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM   
Fees:   Application Fee - Php 10.00 - every brand name applied for + additional Php 40.00 for every brand name cleared   
Total/Maximum Duration of Process:    5 days   
How to Avail of the Service:         
 Step No.  Client Step  Agency Action  Office/Person Responsible Location of Office   Duration of Activity
 1  Go to AFSD and log-in the record book provided for clients' Request for application form    Guard on Duty Officer of the day  AFSD Bldg. - BAI

Day 1 

5 mins.

 2  Submit accomplished form  Recieves brand name/s application  Receiving Officer  - do -  10 mins.
 3    Pre-evaluates brand name/s  NCMS Technical Staff  - do -  30 mins.
 4  Go to AFSD and follow-up  Final evaluation of brand name/s  Section Chief, AFRES and Section Chief, VDAP  - do -

Day 2 

1 Hr.

 5    Encoding & printing of approved/denied brand names  NCMS Technical Staff  - do -  30 mins.
 6    Preparation of Order of Payment  NCMS Technical Staff  - do -  5 mins.
 7    Initial the typed Certificates  NCMS Technical Staff, AFRES and VDAP Section Chief  - do -

Day 3 

30 mins.

 8  Get Billing Statement  Issue Billing Statement  NCMS Staff  -do-  5 mins.
 9  Get Order of Payment  Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section  G/F Research Bldg.  15 mins.
 10  Pay corresponding fee and Official Receipt  Issue Official Receipt  Cashier  G/F Research Bldg.  25 mins.
 11    Final approval of brand name/s  Division Chief  - do -

Day 4

 30 mins.

 12  Go to AFSD and presents Official Receipt  Accepts Official Receipt  AFSD Receiving Officer  - do -  10 mins.
 13  Claim Approved/Denied Brand Clearance  Release of documents  AFSD Releasing Officer  - do -

Day 5

15 mins.

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