Issuance of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) Initial

Frontline Service Issuance of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) Initial
Requirements: Refer to Checklist of Requirements @ the back of AFSD Form No.3
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday- Friday  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fees: Refer to  Schedule of fees at the back of AFSD Form No.3
Total/Maximum Duration of Process: Within Sixty  ( 60 ) Working Days
How to Avail of the Service: Transact with AFSD -VDAPRLS
Step No. Client Step Agency Action Office/Person Responsible Location of Office Duration of Activity
 1  Get (AFVDBCD) RF FVDB-03 - APPLICATION FOR VETERINARY BIOLOGIC ESTABLISHMENT PERMIT LICENSE  Gives appropriate application form  AFSD  Receiving Officer  AFSD Bdlg.

 Day 1  

5 mins.

 2  Submits accomplished and duly notarized application for registration of CPR together with the requirements  Receive & Check documentary requirements  AFSD  Receiving Officer  AFSD Bdlg.  20  mins.
 3    Initial review and verification of documents, as to compliance with check list requirements and farm out  AFSD Division Chief  AFSD Bldg.  30 mins.
 4    Review and verification of documents  VDAPRLS Technical Staff  -do-  20 mins.
 5  Get Statement of Billing  Issue Billing Statement  VDAP Technical Staff  AFSD Bdlg.  10 mins.
 6    Release Billing Statement  AFSD Releasing Officer  AFSD Bldg.  5 mins.
 7  Get Order of Payment  Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section  Research Bdlg.  25 mins.
 8  Pay fee  Issue Official Receipt  Cashier  Research Bdlg.  25 mins.
 9  Submit photocopy of Official Receipt  Receive OR  AFSD Receiving Officer  AFSD Bldg.  5 mins.
 10    Index and record registration fee  VDAPRLS Staff  AFSD Bdlg.  15 mins.
 11    Assignment of Reference No. and farm out  VDAPRLS Section Chief   -do-

 DAY 2-15

20 mins.

 12    Thorough evaluation of submitted documents, Technical Data, Label, Result of analysis, Declaration form  VDAPRLS Technical Staff  -do-  1 Hr.
 13    If requirements are complete proceed to processing of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR)  -do- -do-  15 mins.
 14    If requirements are incomplete- give Back to Client (BTC) Form  -do-  -do-  10 mins.
 15  Receive the BTC documents and make compliance  Release BTC Form  AFSD Releasing Officer  -do-  5 mins.
 16  Submits compliance for deficiency/ies and leave the documents  Receive complete documents  AFSD Receiving Officer  -do-  Day 15-30
 17    Re-evaluate the compliance made by client, if completed recommends to the Section Chief  VDAPRLS Technical Staff  -do-

Day 31-58

1 Hr.

 18    Review and recommend evaluated documents for initial approval of CPR encoding  VDAPRLS Section Chief  -do-  45 mins.
 19    Review of  evaluated documents and approve for processing of CPR  AFSD Division Chief  -do- 45 mins. 
 20    CPR Processing (log, assignment of registry number and encoding)  VDAPRLS Staff  -do-  30 mins.
 21    Review of documents and Signature of SC is affixed for recommendation  VDAPRLS Section Chief  -do-  30 mins.
 22    Review of documents and signature of Division Chief is affixed for recommendation  AFSD Division Chief  -do-  30 mins.
 23    Applications are forwarded to the Director's Office for Approval.  Director -do- 

Day 59

30 mins.

 24    Approved CPR/Application are brought to the Records' Section for appropriate recording, official stamp and seal.  BAI Records Officer  3rd Floor Research Bldg.  15 mins.
 25    Forwarded to AFSD for release  Records Unit Staff  3rd Floor Research Bldg.  15 mins.
 26  Receives the approved CPR  Release of the CPR  AFSD Releasing Officer  AFSD Bdlg.

Day 60

15 mins.


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