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Conduct of Seminars on Livestock and Poultry Raising

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Frontline Service Conduct of Seminars on Livestock Poultry Raising
Clients: Farmers, entrepreneurs, students, retirees, out of school youths
Schedule of Availability
 of Service:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm without noon break
Requirements: Personal Data Sheet
Fees: None
Total Processing Time: Waiting time is 3-5 months from the time of application. Seminar is conducted when the number of applicants reached the minimum of 10
How to Avail of the Service:    
Step No. Client Step Agency Action Office Responsible Location of Office Duration of Activity
 1  For walk-in-clients:
Get application/ information sheet and fill-out application form
 Issue information sheet  and receive filled-out information sheet and record the application  LDD-TPEDS  LDD Bldg.  5 minutes
 2  For phone call client:
Provide the interviewer the  information asked
 Interview and list information provided in the form  for phone-call clients  LDD-TPEDS  LDD Bldg.  3 minutes
 3  Wait for the schedule of the seminar (3-5 months)  Advise client that he/she will be informed of the schedule of  the seminar  thru phone or text message  LDD-TPEDS  LDD Bldg.  1 minute
 4    Pool the list of applicants according to the kind of seminar requested  -do-  -do-  15 minutes
 5    Prepare schedule of seminar when the applicants reach at least 10 in numbers  -do-  -do-  5 minutes
 6    Prepare invitation letter for the resource person  -do-  -do-  5 minutes
 7    When the resource person is available, inform the applicants of the schedule of the seminar thru phone  and text messages  -do-  -do-  20 minutes
 8    Prepare/ reproduce seminar materials  -do-  -do-  3 hours
 9    Prepare Certificates of Attendance  -do- -do-   1 hour
 10  Attend seminar  Hold seminar  LDD-TPEDS  NABC Hall 8 hours
 11  Receive Evaluation /Feedback Form  Distribute Evaluation/ Feedback Form  LDD-TPEDS  NABC Hall  3 minutes
 12  Answer and submit Evaluation /Feedback form  Gather and analyze  accomplished evaluation/feedba  -do- -do-  20 minutes
 13  Receive Certificate of Attendance  Distribute Certificates of Attendance  -do-  -do-  15 minutes
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