The Director

 BAI Director RDD 

Ronnie D. Domingo, DVM, MSc.

If you have a habit of watching the early morning news program, chances are you’ll encounter a man of virtue and simplicity being interviewed about a certain issue on the animal industry. His name echoes the essence of service, dedication and compassion.

If one takes a closer look at the alchemy of Dr. Ronnie D. Domingo, two distinct virtues pop up, besides perseverance and hard work. These are: pioneering spirit and willingness. He is the living idiom of a man who happened to be born at the right time and at the right place. Coupled with an impressive background, it was not therefore surprising that he became a devoted public servant in the Department of Agriculture.

When asked about him, who he is may not be a surprise. After all, he had become the person he is now because of the virtues and values that was developed and nurtured in him during his education at Central Luzon State University, University of the Philippines Diliman and University of Edinburgh where he took his degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Science in tropical Veterinary Medicine, respectively.

Before he entered DA, Dr. Domingo spent more than a decade of teaching in Central Luzon State University and University of the Philippines-Los Banos, helping shape the young minds of aspiring veterinarians and future leaders of the animal industry. He is well known to his students with his interactive and creative methods of teaching, along with spiritual and life lessons in between highly technical discussions. He has always emphasized the importance of determination, diligence and goal-setting.

Since he started leading the Bureau of Animal Industry as the Officer-in-Charge, Director, countless challenges came in the local animal industry landscape. In order to address different animal disease concerns, Dr. Domingo has always opened his doors to consultations with stakeholders. He nods to most speaking engagements and interviews, even with his very busy schedule, as he values interaction with fellow veterinarians and local livestock and poultry raisers to listen to pressing concerns of the industry.

As a leader, he is very understanding and appreciative of the good work of his employees. He does not tolerate any incorrect and unjust actions. He inspires all the BAI staff to improve and upgrade their skills as he is also constantly striving to advance his learnings as a public official. Dr. Domingo indeed leads by example.

On a personal note, Dr. Domingo was born and raised from a simple family in Nueva Ecija. He is very “techy” for his age, with all his digital devices for work. He loves Filipino foods and finds joy in small items found in online shopping platforms. He is a very devoted father to his three young professional children and a loving husband to a respected researcher and veterinarian in CLSU, Dr. Clarisssa Yvonne Domingo.

This newly appointed Director IV of the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry (DA-BAI) is a man incomparable to his genuine intentions to fulfill his chosen vocation – as a hardworking and dedicated public servant and Christian leader. He is admired by many people because of his wisdom, generous heart, caring spirit and unconquerable principle. With this new position in the government, he will surely be an action man with a genuine concern towards uplifting the animal industry into greater heights!