BAI Grants Php7M to Municipality of Pigkawayan North Cotabato for Feedmill Establishment

As the premier agency aimed towards improving the livestock industry, the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) granted funds for establishment of feedmills in selected regions across the country. On March 26, 2019 the ceremonial check turn-over for the Municipality of Pigkawayan, North Cotobato was held at the Office of the Mayor. During her inspirational message, Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Executive Director Milagros Casis of Region XII extended her gratitude to the DA and BAI for granting the fund for feedmill establishment in their region. She was positive that through the Php7M worth of grant, they could provide low cost feeds for swine and poultry raisers not just in the Municipality of Pigkawayan, but in Region XII as a whole. Director Casis also stressed the importance of providing easy access to cheap and sustainable supply of feeds, leading to productivity, thus inexpensive “Food for Juan”. Moreover, she acknowledged the full support of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pigkawayan, North Cotobato in making the project come to fruition. Indeed, the establishment of feedmill in the Municipality of Pigkawayan showed how collective efforts between partner institutions particularly the DA, BAI, LGU, and DA Regional Field Office (RFO) could lead to the improvement of the livestock industry. The ceremonial check turn-over is just the beginning, the greater challenge is ensuring its continuity and productivity, which now lie in the hands of its stakeholders spearheaded by the DA RFO XII. ###Aileen F. Casa


Engr. Milagros Casis, RFO XII RED ,Dr. Eduardo DL. Torne of BAI and Mr. Rodrigo Sargado, Jr.of NCFFC before the start of Ceremony




Courtesy Call to Municipal Agriculturist, Ms. Luisa A. Bueno




Engr.Milagros Casis delivering inspirational message




Dr.Eduardo DL. Torne delivering a message




Mr. Rodrigo Sargado Jr .with his short message




Ceremonial Check turn-over by Engr. Milagros Casis RFO XII ,received by LGU Pigkawayan, office of the Mayor




Issuance of receipt and signing of voucher by Mr. Lauro P. Bolofinos, Local Revenue Collection Officer




Eng. Milagros Casis, RFO XII and Dr.. Eduardo DL.. Torne with the chairman and board members of North Cotabato Free Farmers Cooperative, (Beneficiary).