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BAI Conducts GAD Mid-Year Assessment and Planning

The Bureau of Animal Industry vows to intensify its Gender and Development (GAD) mainstreaming efforts in the livestock sector. Through its GAD focal point system (GFPS), a mid-year assessment and planning workshop was conductedlast July 10-12, 2018 at the Animal Products Development Center (APDC), Marulas, Valenzuela City.


Participants during the BAI GAD Mid-Year Assessment and Planning with GAD Technical Adviser, Ms. Lorenza Umali

The said activity focused on the enhancement of 2018 GAD plan and budget to ensure that the agency is complying with the mandated 5 percent GAD budget. Divisions presented their mid-year accomplishments and planned activities for July-December.                              

Aside from this, the BAI GAD Strategy Map was also finalized. Before the finalization of the draft map, a review of the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework was done to validate the previous scoring administered in 2016.This served as the baseline in determining the target score and gender mainstreaming level by year 2020. The setting of the target was aided by the exercise on SWOT Analysis. By 2020, BAI should have reached Level 3 in its gender mainstreaming initiatives. 

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Presentation of accomplishments per division

The last day of the activity was devoted for the re- orientation on the GAD tools developed by the agency. These were the guide in integrating gender perspective in project concept, guide in integrating gender perspective in research proposal, BAI GAD toolkit for livestock industry adopted from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and guide in conducting focus group discussion (FGD).

The GAD Assessment was attended by the GFPS members and alternates with Ms. Lorenza A. Umali  as main facilitator and Ms. Emelina Lopez and Ms. Emily Victorio as co-facilitators. ###

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Participants during SWOT Workshop

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