Invitation to Bid

PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-086 Laborers Quarter at NFRRDC
PBD for Goods 2018-085 Organic Waste Incinerator
PBD for Goods 2018-084 2600 head Native Ducks
PBD for Goods 2018-083 Various Imported Poultry Species
PBD for Goods 2018-082 72 head Goat Upgraded Bucks
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-081 Divisional and Perimeter Fence Busuanga
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-080 REBIDDING Water Impounding Busuanga
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-079 REBIDDING Staff House No 5 NBCRDC III
PBD for Goods 2018-078 40-Footer Std Collapsible Container
PBD for Goods 2018-077 Automated System
PBD for Goods 2018-076 Frozen Semen
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-074 Gate Improvement Gen. Tiñio
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-073 Staff House No 5 NBCRDC III
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-072 Fence and Water Impounding Busuanga
PBD for Goods 2018-071 Printing Roll-up Tarpaulin REBID
PBD for Goods 2018-070 Native Cattle REBID
PBD for Goods 2018-069 Various Feeds and Feed Ingredients Rebidding
PBD for Goods 2018-068 Various Laboratory Supplies Rebidding
PBD for Goods 2018-067 Inverter Split Type Aircon