Invitation to Bid

PBD. INFRA BID 045-15 Renovation of Duplex Guest House
PBD. INFRA BID 044-15 Improvement of Quarantine Office
PBD. INFRA BID 043-15 Library and Office RD
PBD. INFRA BID 042-15 Genomics Laboratory
PBD. INFRA BID 041-15 Covered Pathwalk
PBD. INFRA BID 040-15 Improvement of Motorpool Bodega
PBD. INFRA BID 039-15 Rehabilitation of VBSS Laboratories
PBD. INFRA BID 038-15 Construction of Horse Paddock NSPRDC
PBD. INFRA BID 037-15 Construction of RipRap
PBD. INFRA BID 036-15 Construction of Quarter's No 1 & 3
GOODS 4th Ed 0032-15 CCTV Camera AFSD
GOODS 4th Ed 031-15 Petroleum Products
GOODS 4th Ed 030-15 Cattle Concentrate
GOODS 4th Ed 029-15 Labortory Equipment (Room Misting Device)
GOODS 4th Ed 028-15 Labortory Equipment (Biosafety Cabinets for PAHC and LSD)
GOODS 4th Ed 027-15 Labortory Equipment (Spectrophotometer and Water Bath)
GOODS 4th Ed 026-15 Labortory Equipment (Protein Digestor and Autoclave)