Invitation to Bid

GOODS 4th Ed 101-2016 Supply and Delivery of Various Antibody ELISA Kit
GOODS 4th Ed 100-2016 Duck Feeds for NSPRDC
GOODS 4th Ed 099-2016 Provision of Security Services
PBD. INFRA BID 098-2016 Instllation Electrical System VBAS
PBD. INFRA BID 097-2016 Instllation Electrical Lines CAFAS
PBD. INFRA BID 096-2016 Repair Swine House Roofing Tiaong Quezon
PBD. INFRA BID 095-2016 Replacement of Windows at ADDRL
GOODS 4th Ed 094-2016 115 head Brahman Heifer
GOODS 4th Ed 093-2016 BAIs 2016 Team Capability Building
GOODS 4th Ed 092-2016 Sperm Motility Analysis System April
GOODS 4th Ed 091-2016 12,515 head Native Chicken
GOODS 4th Ed 090-2016 REBID Various Poutry Feeds
GOODS 4th Ed 089-2016 Agricultural Accessories for NFRRDC
GOODS 4th Ed 088-2016 1 unit Generator Set
GOODS 4th Ed 087-2016 Irrigation Diesel Water Pump with Trailer April
GOODS 4th Ed 086-2016 Duck Incubator April
PBD. INFRA BID 085-2016 Rehabilitation of Office Fence NFRRDC
PBD. INFRA BID 084-2016 Rehabilitation of Roofing and Eaves of VBSS
PBD. INFRA BID 083-2016 Establishment of Street Lights at NSRRDC
INFRA ITB 082-2016 Repair of Bacterial Vaccine Biologics Production Lab