Invitation to Bid

PBD for Goods 2017-008 1 unit Ultra Centrifugal Mill
PBD for Goods 2017-007 1 unit Gas Chromatography Tandem Quadrupole Mass Sectrophotometric System
PBD for Goods 2017-006 1 unit Lab Fumehood with Built-in Blower, 6ft
PBD for Goods 2017-005 3 units Fiberglass Lab Fumehood with Built-in Blower
PBD for Goods 2017-004 Fat xtraction System with Acid Hydrolysis
PBD for Goods 2017-003 Quaternary HPLC CFAS
PBD for Goods 2017-002 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer
GOODS 4th Ed 114-2016 Supply and Delivery of 22 head Brahman Heifer
GOODS 4th Ed 113-2016 Supply and Delivery of Diesel Generator
GOODS 4th Ed 112-2016 Supply and Delivery of Ultra Low Freezer
GOODS 4th Ed 111-2016 Supply and Delivery of Automated Pathogen Detection System
PBD. INFRA BID 110-2016 Concreting of Access Road NSPRDC
PBD. INFRA BID 109-2016 Repair Extension of Admin NSPRDC
PBD. INFRA BID 108-2016 Instllation Electrical Lines CAFAS REBID
PBD. INFRA BID 107-2016 Instllation Electrical System VBAS REBID
PBD. INFRA BID 106-2016 Replacement of Windows at ADDRL REBID
PBD. INFRA BID 105-2016 Rehabilitation of Garage Ceiling and Repainting of Perimeter Fence
PBD. INFRA BID 104-2016 REBID Repair Swine House Roofing Tiaong Quezon
PBD. INFRA BID 103-2016 REBID Rehabilitation of Office Fence NFRRDC