Invitation to Bid

PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-104 IEC Building at NSRRDC
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-103 Improvement of Two units Cattle Shed
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-102 Improvement Cattle Shed Pavement
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-101 Farm Road Concreting with Rip-Rap Type Drainage
PBD for Infrastructure_5thEd 2018-100 Repair of Bio-Security Facilities at Tiaong
PBD for Goods 2018-099 Supply of Island-Born Goats
PBD for Goods 2018-098 Imported Purebred Spanish Goats and Nigerian Drwarf Goats
PBD for Goods 2018-097 Brahman Heifers and Bulls November
PBD for Goods 2018-096 Various Supplies Thanksgiving
PBD for Goods 2018-095 Servers November
`PBD for Goods 2019-019 Vehicles Pick-up
`PBD for Goods 2019-018 Cold Storage Rental
PBD for Goods 2019-011 REBID Small Ruminants Mix Feeds
PBD for Goods 2019-010 REBID Cattle Breeder Mash 1590 bags
PBD for Goods 2019-017 FMDV Antibody ELISA kit
PBD for Goods 2019-016 ELISA kit 60 kit
PBD for Goods 2019-015 CSF Antibody Test Kit, 15 kit
PBD for Goods 2019-014 23 kit FITC Anti-Rabies Monoclonal Globulin
PBD for Goods 2019-013 Various Anitobdy Test Kit