Invitation to Bid

PBD for Goods 2017-075 Ultrasound Scanner with Probes
PBD for Goods 2017-074 Office table and Chair
PBD for Goods 2017-073 Laboratory Autoclave
PBD for Goods 2017-072 Disposable syringe
PBD for Goods 2017-071 CSF Test Kits
PBD for Infrastructure_5th Ed 2017-070 Renovation of Biotech Laboratory
PBD for Infrastructure_5th Ed 2017-069 Repair NVQSD building
PBD for Infrastructure_5th Ed 2017-068 Construction Admin Office NBCRDC I
PBD for Infrastructure_5th Ed 2017-067 REBID Construction Motorpool NBCRDC I
PBD for Goods 2017-066 REBID Digital Dehumidifier
PBD for Infrastructure_5th Ed 2017-061 Construction Motorpool NBCRDC I
PBD for Goods 2017-065 REBID Duck Feeds
PBD for Goods 2017-064 REBID Steam Sterilizer
PBD for Goods 2017-063 Supply and Delivery of Sheep Final
PBD for Goods 2017-062 Supply and Delivery of Goats
PBD for Goods 2017-060 Diesel Powered Generator
PBD for Goods 2017-059 Skid Steer Loader
PBD for Goods 2017-058 Cold Handling Cabinet
PBD for Goods 2017-056 CSF Test Kits