Citizen's Charter

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The BAI envisions a “vibrant, globally competitive, welfare-friendly animal industries providing livelihood opportunities and securing livestock and poultry products’ availability, affordability, quality, and safety under a sustainable environment.”


It is the mission of the Bureau to “make the livestock farmers, in particular, and the farming sector, in general, profitable through the formulation of policies and programs designed to accelerate the industries and the provision of adequate technical services in animal health, feed quality promotion, post-harvest technology and human resource development.”


Act 3639 -The BAI was created on January 1, 1930 pursuant to Act 3639 to investigate, study and report the cause of dangerous communicable diseases and the means of prevention, and in general, to promote the development of the livestock industries.

Act 3101 of 1923 - Preparation, sell, oversee traffic, shipment and importation of viruses, serum, toxins or analogous products used for treatment of animals;

Republic Act 1071 of 1954 - Regulate the sale of veterinary biologics and medicinal preparations.

Republic Act 1556 as amended by PD 7 - Regulate the manufacture, importation, labeling, advertising and sale of livestock and poultry feeds.

PD 34 section 105(r) - Regulate the granting of tax free importation of breeder animals.

EO No. 338, s. 2001 - Restructure the DA to align its offices and units in implementing its mandates consistent with the AFMA.

RA 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 - Promote animal welfare.

RA 10631 - An act amending certain sections of RA 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

RA 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 - Lead in the control and eradication of animal and human rabies.

EO 292 or Administrative Code of 1987

Defined the staff function of BAI such as to:

    1. Formulate programs for the prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases and for the development and expansion of the livestock and poultry industries to meet the growing requirement of the growing populace;
    2. Recommend specific policies and procedures governing the flow of livestock product through the various stages of marketing as well as the proper preservation and inspection of such products;
    3. Coordinate and monitor the activities and projects relating to livestock and allied industries;
    4. Prescribe standards for quality in the manufacture, importation, labeling, advertising, distribution and sale of livestock, poultry and allied industries; and
    5. Recommend plans and programs, policies and regulations to the Secretary of Agriculture and provide technical assistance in the implementation of the same.


We the officials and employees of  the Bureau of Animal Industry commit to:

Serve you from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;

Provide up to date information on our policies, program, activities and services through our frontline action officers;

Attend to you as soon as you enter the premises of the Bureau of Animal Industry;

Assure that you will be served by authorized personnel with proper identification;

Respond to your complaint about our services soonest or within the day through our complaint and assistance desk and take corrective measures;

Provide courtesy lanes to those with social needs such as differently-abled, pregnant and senior citizens.

All these we pledge because of YOU deserve no less


Issuance of Animal Feed Establishment Registration Certificate (Initial and Renewal)

Issuance of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) (Initial and Renewal)

Issuance of Certificate of Feed Product Registration (CFPR) (Initial and Renewal)

Registration of Veterinary Biological Product (Initial and Renewal)

Registration of Veterinary Biological Product Establishment (Initial and Renewal)

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